The Man I Am


MarathonJake - Rock On!

MarathonJake – Rock On!


Everyone has a story to tell.  With this blog I will formally document the defining moments in my life. It is my goal to leave my children, family and friends with a way to know me better and to see how I chose to live my life! To set the stage for my blog’s audience, I will (at a very high-level) explain some of the things that make me the man who I am, including: personality, family, education and profession, hobbies and finally my life ambitions. In the future, I will create different blogs/threads to expand on some of these different dump buckets that make up my existence. Till then, let’s just jump right into it!

My Personality:

Essentially, I have a ‘Type A’ personality and all the good and bad that goes with it.  My life ambitions and drive to accomplish them all seems to be unending.  I seem to live my life like a busy worker-bee trying to understand how one gets ahead and create a healthy and comfortable existence for myself. On the upside, I have been described as: outgoing, friendly, leader, intelligent, athletic, adventurous, loving, motivated, positive, funny and helpful.  However, the rub: arrogant, impatient, quick-tempered, and insensitive.

My Family:

As of 1.12.2005, I have been a father to my first-born little girl, Madison Rose Carroll, a.k.a (Peanut Butter).  She is the light of my life and has taught me much about growing up and becoming a responsible adult. In addition to my daughter, I was recently (5.25.2013) married to the most incredible woman who I have ever met, Nellie Teresa Francis.  Simply stated – without her, I do not exist. Beyond my immediate family, I have an older brother Justin and a younger sister Janeen. My mother Bobbie and my father Bob have not been together since I was a young boy, but I have a solid connection with them both.  All-together this is my inner circle of family and it is now finally getting expanded with each of their significant others (Matt, Joel, and Liz), not to mention my two favorite nieces (Chloe & Scarlet)!

My Education & Profession:

For this information please review my LinkedIn page for a step by step snapshot of my schooling and career path. In a nutshell, I have my Bachelor’s of Business Administration and am working on my MBA.  I greatly value education and highly regard teachers as selfless leaders looking to better the world.  My profession consists of a mixed bag of Information Technology related functions surrounding assurance/audit, security, and general problem solving.

My Hobbies:

For some, what they do for their past-time activities usually change over time and I really am no different.  I have picked up several things that I find enjoyment in and I hope to one day blog about each of these individual passions of mine in more detail so as to give you a real feel of what it means to ‘enjoy’ being Jake.  My primary focuses in recent years (since about 21) have consisted of: Motorcycles (purchasing, riding them, fixing them up, modifying them slightly, and appreciating the feeling that they give me); Friendships (maintaining them, sharing laughs and memories, building deeper connections, and evaluating their benefits and why they are so important); Races (distance races, triathlon, bike races, obstacle courses, and social jogs); Fitness (weight lifting, cross-training, endurance cardio, and sporting activities); Cooking (grocery shopping, nutrition, creative foods, meal preparation, grilling, hosting dinners and of course eating); and lastly, Traveling (experiencing different places, people, food, sight-seeing, and taking photos both domestic and abroad).

My Life Ambitions:

Life is won through experiences that make you happy, smile, laugh, love and the good times we share with loved ones. My ambitions mirror my ability to maximize all of those precious moments in life. I would like to be able to help family and friends and to be considered a great man and one day enter the kingdom of heaven. First, I must create a means of accomplishing all of my goals and I do that through executing on my education and career path and by increasing my knowledge of the world and business and by building a trusted network of colleges and friends. Through this, the financial backing to support my family will be solidified.  Through this life long process I believe I can raise a beautiful family, help others in need, and retire at a reasonable age so that I can travel the world with my sweetheart Nellie and focus on our hobbies! This will be a fun challenge to accomplish before my final resting, but I know that I will take each day as a blessing, amen!


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