Tough Mudder 2013

This past weekend I had the opportunity to complete the Tough Mudder obstacle course in Somerset, WI. Thanks to my friend Patrick, I was brought onboard a team of 8 total Mudders! The team consisted of Patrick, Jake B., Jake C. (Me), Ryan, Dan, Kevin, Tresa, and her friend. All were very nice people and had a positive outlook for the day’s adventure!

This was the first time I had been able to participate in a military-style obstacle course with a team.  I have in the past avoided team races because I am typically very competitive and enjoy setting my own pace and pushing myself to a limit where I feel I have given it my personal best.  Luckily, this event is truly not a competitive race but instead a group event in which you need your teammates in order to accomplish some of the obstacles.

The course itself was approximately 10 miles of off-road hilly terrain that had a plethora of challenging obstacles (20+). The pace of the group felt close to 11min miles but this was fun because we were able to have fun banter as we jogged from obstacle to obstacle.

Below are some of my favorite obstacles that we overcame during the TM course.

  • Bail Bonds (pyramid of straw bails)
  • Everest (half-pipe)
  • Mud Mile (hill of mud x10)
  • Walk the Plank (high jump into water pit)
  • Funky Monkey (monkey bars up and down)

Lease favorite ones:

  • Electric Eel (hard-hitting electrical shocks while sliding on your stomach)
  • Arctic Enema (ice/water pool, shocking as it drops your core temperature)

By the time our group had hit mile 7 or so, a couple of our crew had some pretty stiff cramps in their legs. We then dialed it back a little bit which was good to keep the group together and gave me a greater sense of ‘team’ and not the individual (me). After about 3.5 hours we completed the course and were immediately rewarded with a Dos Equis beer and a couple of protein bars, both were delicious and shared in good company!  We accomplished a great feet and going forward, I will wear my headband when I am drinking and rock my Mudder shirt when I am working out!

We got our stamina back up again after a 30 minute stretch on a hill just outside the main TM grounds. It was a beautiful day and we totally got blessed.  It must have been perhaps 80 degrees and sunny outside but these were welcomed conditions after rolling of a 90+ degree stretch for the last couple of weeks. Soon after we stretched and took off our mud-caked shoes we got up and headed to Patrick’s to enjoy a barbecue and get cleaned up.

As a good host, Patrick and his wife set us up with towels and a hot shower.  While we cleaned up they were busy preparing food which was very kind of them.  I had a few drinks and some amazing food (great burger and a brat), the guys took the opportunity to get to know each other better. Glad I met them and after our conversations, I concluded my day and headed home.  What began with a 7:30AM motorcycle ride to Pat’s lasted until 5:30PM, that day will not be soon forgotten.  I hope again to enjoy another Mudder season with this crew!


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