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Immediately after I saw her, sat on her and heard her deep-bass exhaust I knew she had to be mine. I speak of none other than my beautiful motorcycle, NASTY! Meet her for yourself…

Sitting on my bike nasty as I look out over Devils Peak, SD. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sitting on my bike nasty as I look out over Devils Peak, SD. BEAUTIFUL!!!

After recently getting in an accident and having Epiphany temporarily out of commission, I was just a little heart-broken. So, just for S&Gs, I scooped up my daughter Madison and stopped by Hitching Post to see their inventory. Upon walking on the showroom floor I quickly fell in love with an all-black monster of a bike. It was a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 1000. I was quick to get some assistance from their on hand staff in answering some questions. Come to find out it recently had come in on trade. I wanted it!

This particular bike had a few things going for it that really appealed to me.

  • It had StompGrip on both sides of the tank (which helps conveniently hold you in place).
  • The bike had a nice set of black frame sliders on the bike; a must if you want to reasonably protect your fairings if the bike is laid down or is tipped over.
  • It had the stock foot shift lever and bracket fitted with a nice aftermarket piece which is easily adjusted for the comfort of the rider.
  • And my favorite, it was fitted with an aftermarket M4 exhaust system which eliminated the catalytic converter box under the bike (making it look sleek and sound like a pissed-off diesel truck).

With every upside there was probably an equal and opposite downside right? Well in this case, kinda. A couple of things to note:

  • The sticker asking price was a bit higher than what I wanted to spend (around $8,200).
  • The bike was only 2 years old and had about 12K miles on it (which was kinda high for how new it was at the time), so I knew it had been broken in.

Madison was too funny, she was like yeah dad you should buy it… hahaha! Beyond her approval, I felt that since the bike had fresh meat (new tires) and had been looked over and serviced recently that it would be a decent purchase. I just had to negotiate and provide a down payment. Luckily for me, I still had majority of my payout from the insurance claim on Epiphany and was able to roll that into this note. So once a good financing (i.e. low APR) arrangement was settled she was mine.

Here is my little girl pretending to be like Dad!

Here is my little girl pretending to be like Dad!

Over the course of the next couple of riding seasons I was able to do my little tweaks to add a bit of flare and functionality to her. Beyond a regimented maintenance plan the add-ons included: a smoke windscreen, a new reaper tank pad, some silver rim tape, an installed phone charger under the rear seat, matching silver Suzuki or skull/reaper decals, a RAM mount (to conveniently hold my cellphone), rear passenger footpeg brackets were powder coated gloss black, rear license plate bracket, and my favorite flare – LED lights that make her brightly glow (purchased from Joe Florida and self installed.

Looking nice with some LED lights installed!

Looking nice with some LED lights installed!

The coolest thing about my bike is the nice inner city functionality. I can quickly get from A to B and have fun doing it. NASTY has become a normal way to get to the office, the gym, or to the lake to train. She has also seen many fun sites (of which I will blog about soon) and she now has 35K+ miles… Now that’s riding!

Never the less, I wanted to formally introduce her in all of her glory. I will do my very best to keep the shiny side up so I can blog much more about our adventures!


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